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Tucson Comic Con 2018 panel Costuming in Tucson: A Guide to Our Local Cosplay Scene

A fun panel and rundown of the various costuming groups in Tucson and Arizona their various events, activities, and hootenannies


The Panelists:

James Breen of Tucson Steampunk Society  and Wild Wild West Con 
Jeff Lewis of the Arizona Ghostbusters 
Lexi Holmes -  

Ezekiel Huerta Moderator and a member of Tucson cosplayers Network  and Arizona Avengers and 
Lethargic Action Hero Cosplay 
David Vick of the Arizona Avengers and Justice league Arizona.



All the awesome fan groups mentioned: 

Tucson Steampunk Society

Wild Wild West Con

Arizona Ghostbusters

AZ Furs

Star trek tucson

Arizona Legacy Ranger

Tucson Cosplayers Network

Arizona Avengers

Justice League Arizona

Star trek Tucson fan club

El Tardis

Arizona Browncoats and

Consplay Superior

New Arizona Republic: Fallout

Dune Sea Garrison

Team Rocket AZ

The Dread Fleet

The Tucson Ever After

Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive

Arizona Judges

Desert Destroyers Predators

Lethargic Action Hero Cosplay



Kids Need to Read

Recorded live at Tucson Comic Con Sunday November 4, 2018 at noon,



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Professor Elemental hosted a Q & A Panel and allowed us to come probe the pith helmet contents for stories of

Professor Elemental’s Adventures in his Time Trousers through the Stargate.

I enjoyed the insight into Professor opinion on the joy of art and inspiration.


The audio is a little rough due to being recorded outside at old Tucson studios with the wind.


Find more Professor Elemental over at

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Plus more to come for Wild Wild West Con8!
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 – Join Gaslight Expo 2018’s Maker Guests of Honor, Scott Brodeen and John Harrington, together with local maker Bob Mogg, to discuss which tools will maximize your creativity and output in your personal workshop. – Scott Brodeen, John Harrington, Bob Mogg


Please see more fantastic things at

Next Gaslight Expo is September 27-29, 2019 and 2019's Guest of Honor Gail Carriger!


Scott Brodeen


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At Wild Wild West Con we join the delightful Madame Askew & the Grand Arbiter as they share strategies for wielding a well-timed compliment in the heart of a duel or during teatime. Smooth your way, make friends, & further the plots of world domination with the perfect compliment.

I like that they even provide tips on how to receive compliments!

For more on compliment dueling please see our other videos and recordings:


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Thank you to the panelists, volunteers, and the wonderful Wild Wild West con staff and directors!

The Tea Scouts can be found here:

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I got to sit in on an awesome and candid panel on business from the point of views of Thomas Willeford, Tobias McCurry, Cedric Whittaker!

So you want to be a professional Steampunk? Even a professional maker or artist? It’s not impossible to live the dream but there’s a reason they call it a dream. We would love to help you out with tales of our experiences.

*By the way some personal information of the panelists was deleted for privacy sake of these Awesome Panels!*

ASI is Airship Isabella

'Don’t do it'
'Make allies not enemies'
'Dont watch movies and drive!'
'Let’s get off the tangent dragon'
'Makes the jump from day job to...'
'This becomes an obsession when it’s your job'
'Don’t be afraid to downsize'
'Do not pay to play!'

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Join local artists at the Douglas Art Gallery for a Steampunk Adventure! The Gentleman Robot, Baron Johann Kharza, and friends present their creations at this open house. Their Exhibit will be on display the entire month of January!

The group had a great introduction to steampunk

Paul Aka Baron Johann Kharza @JohannKharza

John Aka Gentleman Robot @GentlemanRobot

Jeff McDaniel

Sabrina Aka Pepper

Find out more about the Foundry and their steampunk Shenanigans at

Wild West Con at or


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The Atlantean Foundation helps bring illumination to a common question asked of the Atlantean Foundation. How do they create such detailed and in-depth personas that continue to bring to life as part of their performance. Well, wonder no more! This interactive workshop offers tips, tricks, and guidelines for creating your own unique steampunk persona so the next time someone asks, "Who are you?“ you can respond with more than just a blank look.


The Atlantean Foundation on Facebook at

Find out more about one of our favorite Conventions at

(also some great photos on the Facebook page: )

See more at

Our other podcast
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We had an absolute blast at Wild Wild West Con 6 this March! Here is another great panel:

Paige Gardner Hosted on Friday March 3rd, "Getting the best photos of your costume is easy when you learn some simple tips of posing, planning and working with your environment. Explore how to self-style your shots for cosplay photography!"

Photo by dim horizon - costume by paige gardner costumeart International, Inc.&utm_content=Interview: Paige Gardner of CostumeArt


You can also find Paige and her costume work at CostumeArt on Facebook and @CostumeArt on Twitter and her blog at



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At Wild Wild West Con 6, this March we got to enjoy a weekend in the immersive Steampunk world as we took over Old Tucson.

Sorry about the Wind, seems the old Chapel is super drafty!

Join Lady Charlie and Madame’ Bunny as they describe how to independently create a comic book from the ground up and how to avoid some pitfalls!

These guys are amazing Cosplayers and costumers!

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Image result for Boston Metaphysical Society


Find the Comic here!

Join the conversation on Facebook here!


q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B012J9EIFM&Format=Check ou the new Kickstarter here:

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