Galaxy at war: The Hunt for Magenta Solo -Chapter one, Two Jedi and a Chadra fan walk into a Brigg! Part one

October 16th, 2015

Join Me and Dan (Human Jedi Counselor Danvoss), JJ (a Togruda Jedi Seeker, Mr Fuchsia...), Duncan (The Chadra fan Gunner Erdek Todek) and the mysterious "Mr. Pink!"(The Gunslinger Tom Jones). As we gear up for our first session of Fantasy Flights Force and Destiney, Edge of Empire and Age of Rebellion set during the Clone wars! This episode is introducing our cast to each other and a quick run down on the system.

This Podcast will be every other Monday opposite of Edge of Empire: Scum and Villainy! Part two will be post next Monday.

'It's a sex Bomb!'
'He had every Flaw!'
'Tee Hee Hee!'