What is MajiMonsters?

February 9th, 2015

I just had a chance to sit down with two great guys Dan and Jon from Late Knight Games to share with us thier new game MajiMonsters!
Check out the great conversation!



;) the original character sheets were a 3" binder, thats funny since characters are called 'Binders'

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Sith of the Old Republic part Three and Four: into the darkness…

February 1st, 2015

Sith of the Old Republic part Three and Four: into the drakness...

We are playing Force and Destiny but set in the Old Republic cold War Era!
the groups asked to play as members of the Sith Empire, join Gary ( Lord Thrain) , Zander (Lord Maliki Shepard), Kerrie (Lord
Trizara) and Kellie (Lt. Tavis Locke) and I as we Delve further into the Dark side and let the revolting Slaves know how Sith deal with rebels...

I Think the groups really like the game system, Email us what you querstions and comments:
http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/sith.png'All about the space bout the space, love tribbles..'
'Come forth creature!'
'I'm not hearing an answer!'
'he throws our the naem Karza'va, "I Turn on my light saber in him.'
'Whats the Sith-position..'
'May the fourth be with you!'
'Jabba da' Fudd'

Mind the abrupt stop of part Four we hade to end abruptly.

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