Droids day out or the rescue of the Razor part one

May 7th, 2019

Our May the 4th be with you RPG One Shot game


tonight ill be posting the one shot and pre gen characters at https://www.patreon.com/cppn

Star Wars Rebels: DROIDS DAY OUT!


When Imperial forces attack and capture you alliance cruiser, the group of PCs who are are rebel droids, will have to save their organic counter parts when Imperial Forces have captured and detained the ships crew!


The PC's:

L8-BR the simple but brawly labor bot - maurader

H4-M0 the skillful and dangerous Medical droid engineer scientiest

A5-TR0 the plucky Astromech droid engineer mechanic

K1-LR a KX series security droid – solder commando

E3-P0 the Captains personal protocal droid commander instructor




A Call for Help!


Your mission if you choose to accept...


"This is Captain Surti. I'm trapped in the main bridges 'fresher, and I'll be discovered any moment. Our hyperdrive has coordinates to the Rebel fleet. We cannot let that information fall into Imperial hands. You droids are our only hope!"


Captain Surti relays the following objectives to the party:


• Warn the Rebel fleet that their location is not secure (see P-Comm).


• Disable the primary communications array before the IMPs can call in reinforcements (see P-Comm).


• Issue an "abandon ship" order from S-Comm, so any free crew can at least try to escape.


• Disable the hyperspace-capable craft in both hangar bays to prevent damaging intelligence from getting into the hands of the Empire (see Forward and Aft Hangar Bays).


• Free any captured Rebel operatives and try to reclaim the ship.


The game play starts at 18 minutes, before that we briefly cover the game system and rules.

"He pulls the trigger!"
"Save the Fleshies"

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