Edge of Empire: Scum and Villainy- Chapter Eleven: We Want to guard somebody!

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Join Gary (Nirr Crystal, a Chiss Gunslinger) , Zander (Puggeta the Hutt, a Hutt Hired Gun),Kellie (Ovasu Salva, the Twi'lek Smuggler) and Kerrie (Ree, the Sakiyan Mercenary) as we continue our Edge of Empire campaign in a galaxy far far away....

The Group spend there Pay out for dropping off the 'Cargo' and get a new Job!
We have a wrap up for episode 10  where I let the group pick what Job there looking to take and Gary Goes Gunslinger with a prop.

In the second part we have a Guest PC and after the closing we rant about Tv/Movie show deaths, so beware the Firefly, GOT and Watchman spoilers.

'Probably shouldn't point that at your face!'

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