Tucson Comic Con 2022 A Geek’s Guide to Storytelling and an Empire of Words

September 15th, 2022

This was a great Panel as our opening panel for Tucson Comic con 2022!

A Geek’s Guide to Storytelling and an Empire of Words hosted by

Colby Elliot  the Owner and Voice Talent at Last Word Audio


So, you like to tell stories. Maybe you game master or write fantasy and sci-fi? How can you spin your ideas off into podcasts, audiobooks, or other works?



Writer and award-winning audiobook producer and voice actor Colby Elliott will share his story and help you weave your web of tales into multiple realms of fun and intrigue. How do you make an audiobook? Should you narrate your own stuff? What are ways of making your own personal “pilot season” of podcasts?


Ah, but this is a geeks guide…and geeks don’t go it alone. We assemble an adventuring party! We'll go over who needs to be included and how can you help them earn XP along the way, too! We’ll look at the fun adventure paths to creating great stories and other material and getting it out into the world.

Please see more of Colby J Elliot on the following links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colby.elliot/

Twitter: @lastwordaudio

And of course, at Last Word Audio: http://www.lastwordaudio.com/

And all his awesome work on Audible HERE!

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Thank you Tucson Comic con and RinCon for an awesome weekend!!!!


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