Guest group: EVERYVERSE RPG: The Day After.

March 1st, 2016

We got a treat for you!
I this last weekend I got to sit in and listen to a group play the EVERYVERSE RPG, Debra whose been on the podcast before invited all of us to listen to her group as they played on Roll20 and share it with you!

Come enjoy this extra long episode with Debra, Jim (The GM), Cary and Rich!

And look out for the day after those crazy college parties....

And check out their Kickstarter here!
If you can lets help them Realize the dream!
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Interview with Debra Parizek whos Realizing a Dream of publishing EVERYVERSE RPG

January 18th, 2016

Hey Guys, 


I got to have agood interview with Debra Parizek and her newest project the Eververse RPG! Please check out the linksbelow for more great content!

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