Steampunk Exhibit at Douglas city Art Gallery

January 15th, 2018

Join local artists at the Douglas Art Gallery for a Steampunk Adventure! The Gentleman Robot, Baron Johann Kharza, and friends present their creations at this open house. Their Exhibit will be on display the entire month of January!

The group had a great introduction to steampunk

Paul Aka Baron Johann Kharza @JohannKharza

John Aka Gentleman Robot @GentlemanRobot

Jeff McDaniel

Sabrina Aka Pepper

Find out more about the Foundry and their steampunk Shenanigans at

Wild West Con at or



WWWC 6 Panel Getting the Most from Your Cosplay Photography with Paige Gardner

April 3rd, 2017

We had an absolute blast at Wild Wild West Con 6 this March! Here is another great panel:

Paige Gardner Hosted on Friday March 3rd, "Getting the best photos of your costume is easy when you learn some simple tips of posing, planning and working with your environment. Explore how to self-style your shots for cosplay photography!"

Photo by dim horizon - costume by paige gardner costumeart International, Inc.&utm_content=Interview: Paige Gardner of CostumeArt


You can also find Paige and her costume work at CostumeArt on Facebook and @CostumeArt on Twitter and her blog at




WWWC 6 Panel Comic Book Design & Publishing

March 13th, 2017

At Wild Wild West Con 6, this March we got to enjoy a weekend in the immersive Steampunk world as we took over Old Tucson.

Sorry about the Wind, seems the old Chapel is super drafty!

Join Lady Charlie and Madame’ Bunny as they describe how to independently create a comic book from the ground up and how to avoid some pitfalls!

These guys are amazing Cosplayers and costumers!


WWWC5 Panel: Multicultural Steampunk Literature

March 18th, 2016


A wonderful discussion of steampunk books set in other culture besides Victorian England or the Wild West.IMG_5449.jpg

 Thank you Madame Askew and David Lee Summers for hosting this panel!IMG_5454.jpg


WWWC5 Panel: Good Mourning facts

March 17th, 2016

Fashion and Foibles of Victorian Mourning Panel at Wild Wild West Con 5

Hosted by Madame Askew, David Grasse, Kellie & Keith Wayne Lackey.


Wild Wild west con 4 Panel: How to be an Airship Captain

March 17th, 2015

Wild Wild west con 4 Panel: How to be an Airship Captain

Here's a recording I took of Michael Ford from Airship Isabella with great points and tips for any Cosplay groups out there!




Wild Wild west con 4 Panel: To Die in the West

March 12th, 2015

Wild Wild west con Panel: To Die in the West

An intro to gunfights

Here's a recording I took of my good friend David Grasse at this years wild wild west con. David did a great job on this writers panel about gunfights and gunfighters of the old west. Just a heads up this is a little graphic and discusses real life gunfights and assassinations. 

David's Book can be found HERE