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Thursday Aug 10, 2017

#RPGaDAY2017 is here! Let’s share and celebrate our awesome hobby!
Brandon Aten and I Answer this one: Friends, Podcasts, social media, and Kickstarter!
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Wild Skies Europa Tempest on DriveThruRPG:
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Tuesday Aug 08, 2017

Hi guys, joining me today is Brandon Aten publisher of Wild Skies, a story-driven, dieselpunk RPG of anthropomorphic animals, where sky pirates fight for survival over 1930's Europe!
"Europa Tempest is the first book to explore the world of Wild Skies. Its focus is Europe, where everyone is still reeling from the aftermath of the Great War, which never really ended. Instead, 1918 was the year revolutions on the homefront engulfed all of the major combatants. Nations fragmented and loyalties were confused. In the years since then four major nations have remade themselves from the chaos. England is now the center of the Hedge, a fully-militarized authoritarian state with the world's most powerful air navy. France remains divided between the fascists and republicans, both claiming to embody the French spirit. Germany is still ruled by the Kaiser and has built a ruthless land fighting force ready to flex its muscles. In Russia, the Bear Tsar officially rules from his flying palace but many act in his name advancing their own agendas. In between and on the margins mercenary companies and air pirates eke out a living."
- Wild Skies: Europa Tempest RPG
( Wild Skies: Europa Tempest RPG cover; I love this cover! )
Wild Skies Europa Tempest on DriveThruRPG:
This core rule book for Wild Skies provides players:
A complete, new, original rules system allowing all players to focus on the stories and adventures they want to part of, and which rewards accuracy, not just success.
A robust character creation process giving players complete control in choosing from 40 Animal Types, dozens of Animal Abilities, 20 Careers and over 80 Skill Specialties.
The Moral Compass, which integrates a character’s personal motivations with rewards of their own choosing.
Combat rules integrating everything from dogfights to fisticuffs.
A comprehensive description of the nations of Europe, the setting and important figures.
16 ready-to-play characters for those who want to just step right into the action!
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