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Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Here's a Kickstarter we definitely want to see happen!
Fear of the Unknown - Zero Prep Horror Mystery Roleplaying, I mean as a Game master you had me at Zero prep!
I got to sit down and chat with Thomas at Sixpence games for their upcoming Kickstarter and RPG: Fear of the Unknown a zero prep horror RPG!
This really is a fun and very fluid RPG to pick up and play with friends with honestly no Prep! Please join me in backing this Kickstarter.
The Kickstarter is HERE!
The free Quick-Start is HERE on DriveThruRPG!
Here are the Sixpence social media link to Facebook , Twitter and the Discord channel is HERE!
Definitely check out the Discord and see if you can get into a game!
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Tuesday Jun 04, 2019

*Adult language and Cthulhu inspired shenanigans inside*
Fate/Dresden Files Accelerated RPG set in our Miskatonic University meet Buffy one shot game, this is where our three players make their characters!
As the episode begins, the players and some NPCs are sent to Detention on suspicion that they might know something about the theft or misplacement of an Occult book. It’s up to the players to sneak out, unravel the mystery, and hopefully stop bad things before it’s too late…
Our Players/Setting Guide is here:
Session 0 is here:
This is our session 0 where we cover the basic rules of the Fate/Dresden Files Accelerated RPG’s character creation as well as some setting background.
Miskatonic University is a fictional university located in Arkham, a fictional town in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is named after the Miskatonic River (also fictional). After first appearing in H. P. Lovecraft's 1922 story "Herbert West–Reanimator", the school appeared in numerous Cthulhu Mythos stories by Lovecraft and other writers.
Our Cast:
Ichabod, our half demon.
Lupe, changeling with the devil’s luck
Karin, the sensible finder
“There’s something…on the other side!”
“Chalk is a thing!”
“Locks have never, really stopped me.”
“YA! I got worse.”
“Aspect of: The Student Newspaper!”
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Part Two and Three the conclusion will be posted next week

Monday Sep 19, 2016

David and I got to hangout and talk gaming and let you hear more about his Call of Cthulhu book Sun Spots now live on Kickstarter!
Sun Spots is a horror RPG scenario set in 1920s New England for 3-6 players that takes between 8-10 hours to play. It has been written for Call of Cthulhu and will be updated for the 7th edition of the rules. 
Dave Sokolowski’s website:
Jake Coolidge’s website:
Reuben Dodd art gallery:
He Who Laughs Last Kickstarter:

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