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David was awesome enough to hang out and share some of his tricks, tips and experiences!

David is a great guy and Tucson local, who has a great list of experiences and is an Arizona Avenger a great group who use their Cosplay to give back to the community.
"Be awesome, Be Great!"



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John Paul Ried was kind enough to offer us an interview about his book Reckless Ambition!

A D&D GM, a Writer, a teacher and great guy that Kathrine and I managed to get a few

moments with at Tucson Comic con, We we're able to sneak Mr. Ried away to a semi quiet spot for an interview to learn more about his work on Reckless Ambition and the 4 other books he has to come!






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Tucson Comoicon Panel: Writer workshop

At the end is a Great interviews with Terry L Smith & Gini Koch!

Star People Legacy

Alexander Outland: Space Pirate

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The first part can be seen in video form HERE in our youtube channel!

How do they keep coming up with new and entertaining ways to kill fictional characters?
Guests: Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Seanan Mcguire, Eric Flint and James Breen.


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If you have ever seen or heard of a "television set" then you are overqualified to be a top notch television writer and actor! Join a RinCon tradition with the latest edition of Primetime Adventures - create the latest hit show at the table in collaboration with your fellow players: Chrono Capers!
GM'ed by the awesome Jason Corley!

"Ex wives!"

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It's Alive! Bringing your Cosplay to life!
From TusCon 42 in Tucson, Our friends Jenn Lopez & Amber Martin as they cover their tips and tricks to kicking your Cosplay to the next level!

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