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What is compliment dueling? how does one duel in Courtesy?



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More from the Marvelous Madame Askew!!! 

Thank you Phoenix Comic Con!

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Vernon Wells was an awesome addition to Uranium Springs: Detonation 2! And not only did we get to enjoy listening to him read The book of Max but we got to ask some great personal questions!
Thank you "End of Days" Vernon and Uranium Springs!
Much more Pictures HERE
Our YouTube chnnel for the Event HERE
Vernon Wells" 

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Phoenix Comic Con Panel 2016: actual factual history of tea with Madame Askew. 

This was another enjoyable Madame Askew Panel!
More videos for PhxCC 2016 can be found HERE
More pictures for PhxCC 2016 can be found HERE (over 200 so far)
And the amazing Madame Askew HERE


I hope you enjoy it!!!

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We had a super busy two weeks but oh so Fun!!!!!!

Check out Our photo Album of Uranium Springs HERE
Check out our Uranium Springs youTube PLAYLIST HERE

Check out our Phoenix Comic Con photo Album HERE
Check out our Phoenix Comic Con youTube HERE

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Join Dan (Human Jedi Counselor Danvoss), JJ (a Togruda Jedi Seeker, Mr. Fuchsia...), Duncan (The Chadra fan Gunner Erdek Todek)  Chris (the mysterious "Mr. Pink!". The Gunslinger Tom Jones) and I as . As we gear up for our forth session of Fantasy Flights Force and Destiny, Edge of Empire and Age of Rebellion set during the Clone wars!
Please check us out at
"There's something missing on your Belt!"
"It's in the horrible range"
'She spent this entire game running!"
"....Fall to the dark side out of shear annoyance!"

Our youTube channel:

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