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The Tea Scouts want you to join the fight against bad tea! Learn how to prepare tea in the field & the best way to pack an emergency tea kit. Come meet these veteran Tea Matrixes to learn more about this noble organization.

Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to the Tea Scouts, a non-profit group of tea enthusiasts from around the globe. This benevolent group is led by the Tea Scout Matrixes - each Matrix has their own area of expertise:

Madame Askew - Ring Leader
Grand Arbiter - Flirtation
Evie - The Super Scout 
Pepper - The Librarian
Thelonius Rex - Alchemy
Temperance - Haberdashery
Thaddeus - Game Master 
Minerva - Navigatrix
Andie - Logistics
Godzilla - Kaiju


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