CoKoCon 2019 Panel Death or Fabric

September 23rd, 2019

CoKoCon 2019 Panel Death or Fabric

Recorded Saturday at CoKoCon 2019,

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Join Madame Askew and Temrance for a thrilling discussion of lethal fabrics as we have all quipped about suffering for fashion, and many of us may have paid a painful price for a costuming mishap or poorly fitting shoes. But Leave it to those delightful denizens of the 19th century to take this commitment to fashion to another level! With the rise of industrialization, synthetic dyes and new techniques and demands in fashion, to bring about deadlier consequences for those killer fashions. Join Madame Askew for a thrilling discussion of lethal fabrics.

Madame Askew is a time traveling tea aficionado, obsessed with fantastical, historical fashion and the proper uses for headgear. When Madame is not preoccupied with tea, she operates a small atelier where she creates fanciful bespoke garments, underpinnings and hats for delightful humans from the Steampunk set. Perhaps best known for her whimsical tea adventures with her partner, the Grand Arbiter, Madame is also delighted to teach sewing workshops and to host regular live sewing teatorials with her dear friend Temperance.


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