Happy presidents day and updates episode

February 19th, 2018

Just a quick episode today with some of our updates!
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Here'ss some of the things I mentioned:
Wild West Con:
Our Favorite Steampunk Convention!
Coriolis - The Third Horizon core book From Modiphius
I'll be posting a review shortly!
You can check out the free quick start at DrivethruRPG here:
“I’m getting a signal.” Dalil’s voice crackled over the com. “We’re close.” The navigator gazed into the darkness ahead, his face ghostly pale in the cold glow from the tabula in his hands.
Radwa nodded silently for her comrades to advance, approaching the strange ruins in the moonscape. The only sound they could hear was their own breathing through the air filters, and the soft crunch under their boots.The floodlights from the freighter Narzalus behind them cast long shadows of the trio.
“Something is wrong, boss.” The sharp voice of Jhara broke the silence. Her vulcan rifle hummed as the tall woman from Sadaal activated her weapon. Without turning, Radwa raised her hand to still her friend.
“Easy, Jha,” she whispered over the com.
The explorers shone their suit-mounted flashlights over the ruins. Alien signs were carved into the smooth dark surfaces. In the light, they seemed to be glowing.
Something slowly unraveled before them. A darkness rose from the surface of the dead moon, reaching towards the starry sky above them.
“Mercy of the Icons!” Radwa gasped, and felt a chill spread throughout her body.
Coriolis – The Third Horizon is a science fiction role-playing game from the makers of critically acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero (six-time nominee and winner of a Silver Ennie for Best Rules 2015).
•Create your unique player character – including skills, talents, gear and relationships – in mere minutes.
•Fight fast and furious battles, praying to the Icons to overcome your enemies.
•Build and crew your own spaceship, to explore the many star systems of the Third Horizon.
•Experience thrilling spaceship duels, using a game system that puts all player characters at the heart of the action.
•Take part in the intrigue between powerful factions on the majestic space station Coriolis.
•Uncover the mysteries of the Third Horizon, a rich tapestry of cultures that have settled the stars.
“The game's authors describe it as ‘Arabian Nights in space’ and it fulfills that brief marvelously. Style 5/5, Substance 5/5.”
– RPG.NET Review
Genesys Core Rulebook From Fantasy Flight Games
Face down a dragon as a brave knight, hack into a corporate security system as an elite runner, set sail in your airship. Unlimited adventure awaits you in Genesys,  a new roleplaying system designed for a variety of settings and limited only by your imagination.
The Genesys experience begins with the Genesys Core Rulebook, which features an explanation of the innovative narrative dice system and core mechanics of the game, an overview of five different settings in which to place campaigns, and advice for Game Masters to craft a myriad of adventures with unparalleled freedom.
This is where I got my copy:
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