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Interview with Donaven Brine and Reid Finucan of the Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting RPG Book

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After our book review of Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting RPG Book, Anshin and I got to sit back and chat with Donaven Brine and Reid Finucan to talk about Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting and their upcoming Kickstarter.


As the Seven Seals were broken and the Veil of Shrouded Death was torn, the Purgatory of Torment yawned wide. Souls of the past were ripped from their existence in the Grey and found new homes in earthly bodies of the dead. Corpses awoke from their graves and twisted into reanimation. Known as Risen. These zombies must feed or decay and Humanity is on the menu. Demons found new pathways out of the Lower Realm of Perdition to Prime Earth in order to kill, torment, and enslave Humanity.

Supernatural magic mined from deep within Purgatory itself poured into our beloved Earth granting all sorts of mystical wonders and untold horrors, including mutated monstrosities from newly formed Darklands.

Survival in this apocalypse requires grit, desire, skill, and maybe a little bit of luck. So join us in the fight! Buy your copy today and join the Rusted Portal Colony. We are not alone against the Darkness.

Three new Ancestries battle alongside humankind.

Descended—Fallen celestials from three angelic banners, each gaining unique powers.

Progeny—Half-demons inherit abilities and physical traits from their demonic sire.

Lazarus—Free spirits escaped from the Purgatory of Torment, whole again on Earth.

Nine new Character Classes allow you to decide how to battle the horrors ravaging Earth.

Arbiter—Purveyor of Justice

Conservator—Sacred Earth Protector

Enforcer—Hardened Killer

Harbinger—Cosmic Mystic

Hound—Self-reliant Survivor

Jackal—Ultimate Scavenger

Maverick—Consummate Gunslinger

Shepherd—Spiritual Compass

Splicer—Tech Wizard

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After our book review of Apocalypse the Risen Campaign Setting RPG Book

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