Miskatonic University The Freshmen scooby squad Session part 3

June 17th, 2019

Miskatonic University The Freshmen scooby squad Session 3 of Taxidermy and Hellmouths

Our third and final episode of Miskatonic University!

*Adult language and Cthulhu inspired shenanigans inside*

Fate/Dresden Files Accelerated RPG set in our Miskatonic University meet Buffy one shot game, this is where our three players make their characters!

As the episode begins, the players and some NPCs are sent to Detention on suspicion that they might know something about the theft or misplacement of an Occult book. It’s up to the players to sneak out, unravel the mystery, and hopefully stop bad things before it’s too late…

Our Players/Setting Guide is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/27398372

Session 0 is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/27398917

This is our session 0 where we cover the basic rules of the Fate/Dresden Files Accelerated RPG’s character creation as well as some setting background.

Miskatonic University is a fictional university located in Arkham, a fictional town in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is named after the Miskatonic River (also fictional). After first appearing in H. P. Lovecraft's 1922 story "Herbert West–Reanimator", the school appeared in numerous Cthulhu Mythos stories by Lovecraft and other writers.

Our Cast:

Ichabod, our half demon.

Lupe, changeling with the devil’s luck

Karin, the sensible finder



“Put down the cell phone…”

“I’m gonna need blackmail, I need a lot of blackmail…”

“I’m clumsy but I can get through.”

“…a swirling portal.”

“I hope you got everything…”

“Ok we got this…”


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