One Shot of Realms of Terrinoth part One Big damn heroes

January 7th, 2020

One Shot of Realms of Terrinoth part One of Three: Big damn heroes 

Our heroes ride into the town  of Mud Wallow to put down a vile Necromance...

Terrinoth is a world of forgotten fantasy and lost legacies. Once ruled by the Elder Kings who called upon mighty magics to perform great deeds and work marvels, the land has suffered greatly at the hands of its three great foes from the undead armies to the terrifying dragons of the Molten Heath. Many of its great cities have been cast down into ruins, and many wondrous secrets and powerful artifacts have been lost.

For hundreds of years, Terrinoth slipped into gloom and decay. But heroes arise just when their lands need them the most. Courageous adventurers brave the ruins of past ages and the foul creatures within to uncover the treasures of their ancestors. The Daqan Barons, inheritors of the ancient kingdoms, rebuild their walls and muster their armies, while the wizards of Greyhaven gather runes of power to awaken guardians of stone and steel. These preparations come none too soon, for the ancient enemies of the lawful races are stirring again, and Terrinoth needs champions of courage and cunning to stand against the rising darkness.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to offer Realms of Terrinoth, a new sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System! You can pre-order your copy today from your local retailer their website!

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