Tucson Comic Con 2018 3D Printing and Cosplay

April 8th, 2019


Tucson Comic Con 2018 3D Printing and Cosplay

A basic covering of 3D printing, IP and the basics of 3D printing covered by a great group of Cosplay makers with warnings about printing.


Do you know what 3D printing is? Or ask yourself, how or why you should consider it for your cosplays? If you are curious, come out and join novice to advanced 3D printing panelists, while we introduce you to the world of 3D printing for cosplay. From props to full blown suits of armor, we will have examples on display.


Brad Boscarion

David Miller

Robert Webb Moderator

Sarah Willwater


Recorded live at Tucson Comic Con Sunday November 4, 2018 at noon, https://www.tucsoncomic-con.com/

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